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Ramesh Panuganty's articles:

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Wearable computing
is the technology domain which is now heavily being funded in academics & corporate. There are many growth opportunities in this domain for both hardware and software technologies. The article presents a snapshot of the present state of the wearable computing and its importance when compared to the existing technologies. At various places, I explained how powerful wearable computing could be of use. There are also several pictures,  examples and work done by scientists worldwide to drive the point to the audience.
(dated February, 2002)

Internet Inter-ORB Protocol (IIOP) promises to unite distributed objects and applications with no language or platform barriers, and overcomes all the limitations of the current web technologies. It is an object-based protocol and has the potential to massively enhance the types of applications or services or databases that are built and communicate on the web. IIOP provides a comprehensive system through which live objects can request services from one another across the corporate networks over the internet or intranet. IIOP offers several advantages like better architecture neutrality, communication transparency, scalability and code reuse. This is not a concept just on paper, but is already happening and working successfully in the most diversified organizations across the globe.
(dated July, 1998)

Meet my friend It all happens suddenly and then you realize you have learnt something... It takes a lot of charisma to become objects of praise and worship. Till that day in August 98, I would never believe in this ideology. But, today I thank Dame Luck for proving me wrong.
(dated January, 1999)

Debian Tips & Tricks There are 7500+ packages in Debian as of today keep growing in number every day. However, like most of the other open-source software, documentation is poor. But if you can get around some of the problems, you will really enjoy your debian - a woody or a potato or a slink. I am listing some of the trips & tricks that I learnt during my hands-on with Debian Woody (screenshots). This is no way complete and are just a few of what I remember as of today.(dated March, 2002)