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Meet My Friend - Prasad Bhatt

It all happens suddenly and then you realize you have learnt something... It takes a lot of charisma to become objects of praise and worship. Till that day in August 98, I would never believe in this ideology. But, today I thank Dame Luck for proving me wrong. I met Prasad Bhatt who always sports that trademark smile on his face during the Bangalore-Delhi flight, en route to Kanpur. We were bound to IIT, Kanpur for a campus recruitment.

This small event created a big impression and I think I shall carry it all my life. This is an incident that demonstrated the extent of determination and sacrifice one can make to achieve an objective. The sequence of events were awe inspiring.

The flight to Delhi took off. It was cold and our bellies were ringing hard. After we were air borne, the snacks that we were looking forward to came on its rounds. We were served hot cutlets and some beverages. Everyone, except Prasad Bhatt were savoring the delicacies. Things followed, a couple of refusals followed too! This became a kind of ritual through the whole day. This puzzled me but I did not have it in me to question his locus standi. I was like the curious bystander who was half amused and half perplexed.

I started becoming inquisitive and I asked him the reason behind all this self-torture (it looked like one for me). Pat came the reply. "Today is my day of fast. I do not take anything on this day." This relevation was supplemented by Paddy who interjected that it all started 7-8 years ago. Imagine Prasad practising it for 8 years without losing the interest. Requires a lot of guts. This fueled a resolve in me and I followed suit. I started fasting and today I realize the difficulties of putting the same into practise.

This is not something that can be laughed off, as you would realize the amount of determination required. I have had situations where there were parties at Orchids & Roses or get-togethers or my sister's wedding. These eventually fall on the days I am observing my fast. It is sometimes extremely difficult, and sometimes impossible, to resist joining them at dinner. But, the right will-power strengthens your personality aiding your activities be it personal or official.

It has been a great learning from Prasad. He has opened a gold mine where I can start mining absolutely unbothered about emptying the reserve. Eventually, you get to learn a lot from people all around you and the best part is that they become unassuming parts of your life.

Author - Ramesh Panuganty
Ramesh Panuganty has a Masters in Comp Science from BITS, Pilani. He will be completing three years with Wipro Technology Solutions very soon.

He got interested in Internet technologies. Hence, he has started studying Internet and its implications on e-commerce technologies. He has been religiously pursuing his interest since about an year and half. However, this has not dissuaded him from getting into other technology areas. His many projects have been focused into entirely different areas.

[HOME] Article dated: Jan' 1999